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Reguler Events at Nandigram
Nandigram is not just a geographical location but stands for a meaningful, spiritual, service-oriented life style that can be pursued anywhere. Shri Makarand Dave and Shri Kundanika Kapadia, the founder couple, initiated the concept of this commune and established Nandigram.

Shri Makarand Dave was born on 13th Nov. 1922 in Gondal, Saurashtra, Gujarat. His parents were deeply religious, simple-hearted, noble, loving souls. He was surrounded by a very congenial spiritual environment vibrating with love and devotional songs in his childhood. He had panache for writing right from childhood. After his schooling in Gondal, he joined Dharmendrasinhji College, Rajkot in 1940. His college study was interrupted on his joining 1942 Quit India movement initiated by Mahatma Gandhi. He, however, continued his quest for knowledge in world literature, ancient classics, mythology, art, culture, history and geography. His devout concern for nursing his ailing mother kept him in Gondal for entire period of his youth and beyond, till he shifted to Mumbai and Nandigram thereafter.

Except for short sojourns in journalistic career, his major occupation remained spiritual and literary pursuit and service of his mother. It is interesting to note that he learnt Bengali language with the chief aim of reading Gospel of Shri Ramakrishna and Geetanjali of Gurudev Ravindranath Thakur in original.

Although he was a very renowned Gujarati poet and litterateur, his spiritual state was so elevated and his areas of interest were so varied that it would be in the fitness of things to state that this saintly person was, among other things, a poet also. Most of his poems are now compiled in three big volumes titled 'Koi Ghatma Gahake Gheru'. He wrote several books on the subject of subtle niceties of various Sadhana. He also wrote extensively giving new and path-breaking interpretation of Indian scriptures in the light of modern times. His classic treatise on vishnu sahasranam is of rare depth, beauty and wealth of spiritual suggestions/guidance. He was aptly called 'Sai' by Swami Anand, one of the foremost disciples of Mahatma Gandhi and 'Mast Maula' by Shri Raghuvir Chaudhari, a renowned Gujarati writer.

After his marriage with Shri Kundanika Kapadia in 1968, Makarandbhai stayed at Mumbai while visiting Gondal at regular intervals. Move from Mumbai to Nandigram ensued, inspite of Makarandbhai's heart ailment coupled with several other acute health problems. This was a mission of creating an oasis of simple, spiritual, meaningful and service-oriented community life style. Under his watchful eyes and able leadership of Kundanikabahen, Nandigram was reared to blossom in its present beauty, full of spiritual vibrations.

It is said in regard to Shri Ramana Maharshi that his eyes had the innocence of a small child together with unfathomable wisdom and immense love. This description aptly applied to Shri Makarandbhai also. He was the guiding soul for sincere seekers who flocked to Nandigram to be in his presence. These seekers belonged to different spiritual paths, religions and disciplines and each of them had some glimpse of spiritual unfoldment under his guidance, as Makarandbhai was adept in subtle nuances of sadhana in all major paths leading to the highest reality.

Shri Makarandbhai always insisted that spiritual pursuit must necessarily involve concern for fellow human beings. He believed in pure, unselfish, dynamic love that leads to extending helping hand, wherever needed, to human beings in distress and need. Under his guidance, Nandigram has pledged to translate this concept into practice and is active in several ways in ameliorating the suffering of socially and economically deprived tribal people in its surrounding regions. Makarandbhai thus lived in Nandigram for 18 years till He left his body on 31st January 2005. He preferred to stay in this remote corner in tribal locality of Gujarat state, all the while shunning any limelight or publicity. He was awarded prestigious Ranajitram Suvarna Chndrark, Meghani Award, Narshinh Mehta Award and Darshak Award for his contribution to Gujarati literature.

Although Shri Makarandbhai is no more in physical form, his blessings and guidance are palpably felt even today in Nandigram. And it is our 'Shraddha' (faith) that this will always be so in time to come.

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